Good News

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Good News Album Cover_Hi Res.jpg

Good News


Ian's 2012 album 'Good News'

The Good News contains songs of

truth, hope, love and the announcement of the goodness of God. Born out of a 2 year re-discovery of ‘What is the Good News ?’,

Ian says “It’s been a fun journey. I don’t think I’ve cracked it yet, and I probably never will, but one thing I’m certain of is that the

Good News is better than I ever thought it was. The Jews said it was a scandal and a stumbling block, the Greeks thought it was

absurd and utter nonsense (1 Cor 1:23 amp). Paul said that all would be judged according to his interpretation of the gospel (Rom

2:16) Paul also said that it was ‘The glad message of the glory of the happy God’ (1Tim 1:11) - If the good news doesn’t sound too

good to be true we haven’t heard it right”.

We believe these songs carry strong biblical truth and the deep presence of God. We believe these songs are going to inspire,

empower and impact many lives as people encounter and engage with a God who is full of love, kindness and mercy.


Drums: Tim Cooke

Bass / Bass Synth / Bass Noises: Si Francis

El Guitars: Stu G and Ian Yates

Keys: Andy Yates

Backing Vocals: Kate Yates and Sam Blake

Vocals, Acc Guitars, Keys, all manner of effects: Ian Yates

All kinds: Trevor Michael

Recorded at: The Shack and ICC studios Eastbourne UK, Ian’s house Liverpool UK, ECC London UK

Mixed at The Shack by Trevor Michael

Mastered by: Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road, London UK

Producer: Trevor Michael

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